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From "Harry Metske" <>
Subject Re: Vote requested: package renaming
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2008 20:27:14 GMT
First of all, each vote should not count equal, the two (Janne/Andrew) that
contribute by far the most should have a the most weight, they both have
strong opinions, unfortunately they are not equal.
My vote is not worth that much, but I don't want to stay completely quiet.

- I understand it is necessary, if it would be up to me it could be done
right now, the JCR stuff can be committed to the trunk if that relieves
Janne from the merging pain (3.0.0 does not work anyway right now).
Perhaps Craig should tell us how "urgent"  it is because of the incubation
Janne should advise us about this, if JCR is committed to the trunk, can we
help make it work ? Or will it stay broken for months.

Let's just start with that, begin with the most obvious ones and keep an eye
on each other so that we don't exaggerate it.

I really don't understand why this is so important, in a separate package or
It is more important to store these classes/interfaces in a separate jar
file, so that other developers only put this jar on their java compile
If we make a decision now, we can evaluate after a couple of months, and
then make a final decision ?

If you agree on some of these points, let's make a clear appointment with a
real date, when to evaluate.


2008/12/30 Janne Jalkanen <>

> Janne's reply regarding timing of the rename is worth respecting. I would
>> like to see more communication to the group regarding the expected
>> conclusion of the JCR work. I would not like to see JCR delay the project
>> for more than a couple of months. One reason for a community of folks
>> working on the project. So while there's no need to rush things that are
>> coming up quickly, we should try to avoid losing momentum.
> *shrug*
> I can commit the JCR work to trunk right away.
> It just doesn't work, that's all.
>  Refactoring interfaces from classes needs a corresponding class factory.
>> Has this been thought through? There are good reasons for interfaces with
>> factories, primarily driven by needing multiple independent implementations.
>> But classes with exernally-written subclasses are also a good approach if
>> most subclasses just need to change a small bit of behavior.
> Correct, and we use that pattern with filters, for example.
>  Splitting the stable interfaces apart from the implementation doesn't
>> necessarily need a new package name. Either org.apache.jspwiki or
>> org.apache.jspwiki.api could be used.
> And the question is which one...
> /Janne

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