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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Movin' along
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2008 22:27:58 GMT
> If it's going to be some time, perhaps it shouldn't gate the  
> rename. I assume that the JCR branch can be renamed as well if it  
> isn't ready to integrate.

I was planning a merge once I get it working, so that people don't  
have to deal with (too) broken code.

But it's still not usable.
> Are you saying you want to wait until all the 40 plus-things-we- 
> haven't-found-yet have been fixed before renaming, or before  
> release? I hope it's the latter.

Release.  The only reason we don't want to rename now is that merging  
back the JCR branch would be a pain.

> At some point, 3.0 will need to have a first release, which is  
> really what the incubator is best at. Call it -alpha, call it - 
> earlyaccess, call it anything, but release it as an Apache release.

Hm?  We can do that?

> We know that all applications that have plugins will need to  
> change, and it's important to get the code out there so folks have  
> an idea of what they are up against with the rename.

The rename is not the big problem; the API is the big problem.  Which  
is why I am worried that nobody else has commented on it...

Just in case people haven't yet realized this - for plugin and filter  
writes, org.apache.jspwiki.api.* is the one you can rely on.   
Everything else *we will consider breakable without notice*.

(And for template writers, org.apache.jspwiki.tags.*, but there's no  
reason to change them, really. So they're already pretty stable.)


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