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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Movin' along
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2008 11:17:19 GMT
> I've found @since tags to be valuable as a way to see what's  
> changed. Especially useful for migrating plugins from earlier  
> releases. I don't see anything wrong with adding @since 3.0.0 to  
> new APIs and tagging the others with e.g. 2.8.0 for features that  
> were in 2.8, even though they were in a class instead of an interface.

Actually, my problem is with @author-tags...  I think they are  
useless and potentially dangerous at this point.  Here's a nice  
presentation from the Subversion team (it's a good presentation, and  
this particular topic starts at about 17m30s.  Very recommended  

> There's really nothing else to do before releasing. The release  
> process from the incubator is mainly an exercise in reviewing the  
> release package to make sure that all code is legally releasable  
> under the Apache license (code developed or donated to the project  
> itself) or compatible licenses (code developed elsewhere and  
> released as part of the package for convenience, e.g. the lib  
> directory jar files).


Unfortunately, I've run out of time.  I currently got the following  
things on my plate:

* JCR integration
* bug triage (on the issue tracker)
* Apache graduation
* 3.0 refactoring
* general participation on the mailing lists; responding to user  
questions, etc.

I also have a book project which is now overdue, and on which I will  
have to concentrate from now on until it is in better shape.  Our  
first child is also due in about four weeks, and there's a lot of  
practical stuff to be done still.  And unfortunately, these two have  
to take precendence over JSPWiki hacking.

I was hoping to get the JCR integration done before the Christmas  
holidays, but unfortunately I hit some major snags, which will need  
some rethinking.  Like the fact that in order to get a WikiPage, you  
need a WikiContext; and in order to get a WikiContext, you need a  
WikiPage...  Versioning is also a pain.

At any rate, with respect to graduation, this is not good news unless  
someone else can take the load off me.  Since getting a kid is a new  
situation for me, I can't even give an estimate on how much time I  
possibly have for hacking.  But at any rate, don't expect a whole lot  
of responses from me in the next few months.  I am going to  
concentrate on the JCR integration, and just ignore a lot of the  
other stuff.

Unfortunately, free time is a limited resource, so others will need  
to step up now.


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