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Subject VS: Stripes progress
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2008 14:40:11 GMT
Good. It's gating the JCR improvements, as I need a solid place to put the JCR session. It
will also begin a series of refactorings which I don't want to do before that because it would
make merges a real pain.


-- alkuper. viesti --
Aihe: Stripes progress
Lähettäjä: Andrew Jaquith <>
Päivämäärä: 15.11.2008 15:48


I just started a new job, and haven't had nearly the amount of time  
I'd like to do JSPWiki development. That said, I will be ready to  
integrate the Stripes stuff into the trunk in about 2 weeks. In the  
meantime, I'm refactoring a few things based on a conversation Janne  
and I had recently about WikiContext, ActionBeanContext and  
ActionBeans, and the relationship between all three.

So -- it's coming. In a few weeks likely. I'll give everyone a heads- 
up before it hits the trunk.


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