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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: JSPWiki On A Stick
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2008 17:38:48 GMT
Hi Janne,

thanks for the feedback ...

+) the Mac OS X stub is found here : ./resources/macos/WikiOnAStick
+) that the generated Mac OS X app wrapper does not work is a mystery to
me - when you build it it works but if you copy it around it's broken
... :-(
+) I made no changes to the source - my work only affects the build in a
self-contained way
+) regarding launch4j - I would go with BSD licence
+) why would JSPWiki need a ECCN export code - only applies when using
strong encryption?

I'm not eager to touch the main build (it's big enough already) - the
simplest solution would be to create some sort of subproject directory
such as 'subprojects/wikionastick'  which picks up the deliverables from
the main build. That is easy to integrate in the main build and keeps
the subproject build self-contained

Thanks in advance

Siegfried Goeschl
Janne Jalkanen wrote:
> Putting this just on the -dev -list.
>> I uploaded a source and binary release to
> Very nice, and seems to work quite okay (except I had to run the
> on the Mac, since didn't start).
>> +) would this be a valuable contribution for JSPWiki?
>> +) how to integrate it into the main build?
> I think this might be a nice addition, depending on the amount of
> changes you had to do to the source code.  Or is this just something
> that was done in the build process?
>> +) jarbundler-2.0.0 comes with ASL 2.0 but the the Java application stub
>> I placed in ./resources/ant/macos is only available on a Mac box.  Is it
>> save to ship the stub or  exclude creating a Mac application n
>> non-Mac box?
> I think it's fine to ship the stub.  Though I couldn't find it in the
> src distro ;-)
>> +) I used launch4j which comes with the following licences : BSD
>> License, GNU General Public License (GPL), GNU Library or Lesser General
>> Public License (LGPL), MIT License. Is it safe to add the launch4j stuff
>> into the projects or mandate the launch4j has to be installed when you
>> want to create a windows executable.
> MIT and BSD licenses are both fine with respect to Apache projects. 
> You just need to explicitly state in your docs which license is
> launch4j used under.
>> +) what are the licence issues when I pack the ready-to-use native
>> application wrapper into a binary release
> Mmm...  I don't think there are any.
>> +) would it be a better idea to keep all the native application launcher
>> out of the build/distribution?
> I don't know if it's a problem - we can always
> a) either have the ant build process fetch them from somewhere (since
> there is no link dependency to these), or
> b) put them in a separate lib-directory (e.g. standalone/lib)
>> I'm well aware that I ask far too many licence questions but at least my
>> stuff does not need an ECCN export code ... :-)
> Ugh, I know... I fear that JSPWiki might actually need one.
> /Janne

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