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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Apache Incubator report for October
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 23:49:56 GMT

I've just installed two 2.8.0 beta sites and things are so far going
smoothly. Since I'm using custom templates I had to add the IE hack
discussed recently but apart from that no issues have arisen. I did
have one Permgen memory problem but I think I've traced that to my
own code. The jspwiki_module.xml solution for plugins seems a bit
fragile (missing plugin classes seem to cause startup failures, still
investigating this) but I'm living with it.


Janne Jalkanen wrote:
> Hi folks!
> I just committed a first version of the Incubator report to the SVN 
> (under jspwiki/board).  Please check and comment, and if you feel you 
> have something to add, either commit directly, or send a patch :-)
> I think we need to seriously start to look into graduation as a 
> top-level project now.  2.8 is nearly complete (pending a few issues 
> still), and after this the next big hurdle will be 3.0 and the 
> graduation.  I added some preliminary comments on what I think are the 
> remaining obstacles - please also comment on those.  I've cut-n-pasted 
> the report here for your convenience.
> 2008-October JSPWiki Incubator status report
> JSPWiki has been incubating since September 2007.
> JSPWiki is a JSP-based wiki program.
> During the past three months, the JSPWiki community seems to still enjoy
> a steady increase.  The developer list now has 66 names, an increase
> of 12%.  The user list is now 152 people strong, a growth of 7% since 
> the last
> report.
> The first beta of JSPWiki 2.8 (which is the Apache-licensed version of 2.6)
> has been released, and it is missing only a few key patches to be a full 
> release.
> This, however, won't be an Apache release (as it is meant to be backwards
> compatible with 2.x series, which means keeping the old package structure).
> Despite of this, we're practicing the Apache processes of voting and 
> approving
> releases.
> Graduation depends chiefly of three things:
> * Stable release of 2.8, so we can concentrate on 3.0 process
> * Making a successful 3.0 release, including
>     * Renaming of all packages to org.apache.*
>     * Taking the new API into use
> * Making sure all the legal bits and pieces are in order (i.e. the 
> status file)


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