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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (JSPWIKI-376) Move from log4j to slf4j
Date Sat, 27 Sep 2008 20:52:31 GMT
Harry Metske (JIRA) wrote:
>     [
> Harry Metske commented on JSPWIKI-376:
> --------------------------------------
> I did some further investigation last week on this, the details can be found at
> To summarize:
> - WebSphere version 6.1 and up no longer has a problem with JSPWiki, it installs out
of the box (it appears that the common-logging-api.jar is no longer in WebSphere's lib directory,
which was the root cause of the classloading problems)
> - I don't have a WebLogic at my disposal, so I don't know if the current version of this
still has the problem.
> - If we switch to slf4j (which is not quite trivial), and we only ship the slf4j-simple.jar
by default, we have to realize that all non-core plugins should also be changed so they also
use slf4j.
> After all I 'm not so sure if switching to slf4j is a good idea. My assumption is that
the vast majority runs on Tomcat, and only a few run on WebLogic.
> Switching to slf4j might break more things than it tries to repair.
> I have a slf4j-simple based build running om Tomcat now, it passes all tests, but still
a lot of things need to be adjusted (see link above).
> How to continue? , opinions please....

Hi Harry,

I'm still opposed to this as unnecessary and an additional level
of complexity. I'm also a maintainer of a great deal of code that
uses log4j and I have no intention of switching that over to
slf4j. This includes several libraries and several dozen plugins.
On top of that I've got about 180K lines of code that use log4j.

Changes that very significantly break existing classes without a
very strong requirement should be frowned upon -- the amount of
work to migrate to the Apache namespace and the changes planned
for 3.0 are going to be a lot of work as it is. I can only speak
for myself but I'm going to have enough trouble keeping up without
things like slf4j migrations.

Log4j works fine and I would hope we could concentrate on more
important things.


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