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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: author ids
Date Sun, 24 Aug 2008 14:29:33 GMT
> Does this mean we need to (slightly) refactor the interface for  
> UserProfile so that getId() returns a String? It should be the same  
> ID, methinks.

Yes.  And since it's a new thing in 2.8, it might be pretty easy to  
do at this stage, before 2.8 is stable.

(JCR tends to treat all IDs as Strings anyway, so it's a safe move.)

> Well, this is something we do today, already. And the reason we do  
> it is because otherwise if a user changed their wiki name, all of  
> sudden he or she would be locked out of all pages containing ACLs  
> with their name.

Obviously, yes.

> This particular chunk of code would go away, clearly, if we stored  
> IDs rather than Principal names. However, the ACL implementations  
> would need to resolve the ID and return Principals (do the  
> "translation" between IDs and Principals).

Yes.  BTW, any preferences to the serialization format of the ACLs?   
I'd prefer something human-readable rather than direct Java  


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