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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: author ids
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 18:27:42 GMT
> On attachments, the solution should perhaps anticipate a given
> attachment might be referenced by more than one page (avoiding  
> multiple
> copies).  Moreover, there might be a good reason for simply  
> referencing
> an attachment (if the attachment is huge) rather than storing a  
> separate
> "attachment" object.

Well, attachments *can* be referenced by multiple pages already.  It  
is also unlikely that the exact same copy of the attachment would be  
uploaded to multiple pages at the same time...

> On author ids, I assume you mean user ids?  If so, I don't see how you
> could avoid storing the id on the backend, since the id is the unique
> identifier, not the name.

Well, we could do exactly what we're doing now: store the WikiName of  
the editor.  This has the advantage of being human-readable  
throughout the time, and easily exportable.

> What is the "repo model?"

Repository model.  The agreement that JSPWiki will use.  The current  
thinking is to use a workspace called "jspwiki", with the following  


For example:

/Terry's Space/Main
/Terry's Space/Some page

Each Node (all these are called Nodes) contains a Property,  
wiki:contentType, which determines what kind of an object this is.   
If it is "text/x-wiki.jspwiki", we interpret it as JSPWiki Markup.   
That is, all old wikipages would be included as this type.  We can  
also in the future put in other types, like "text/x-wiki.creole" to  
support Creole natively.  Any of these page types can be attached to  
a Renderer object (which, for jspwiki markup objects would of course  
be the JSPWikiMarkupParser + XHTMLRenderer).

This is pretty powerful.

The repository implementation then stores this in any way it wants.   
I'm hoping that I can write a JSPWikiVersioningFileprovider for  
Priha, which would then allow us to use the current  
VersioningFileProvider stores without (massive) modification.


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