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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: WikiContext & JCR Sessions
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 17:04:20 GMT
> Are you sure they are stashed in the HttpSession? The original  
> implementation I wrote took great care to make sure that they  
> weren't. That MIGHT have changed due to a bug fix, but I just took  
> a look at SessionMonitor and WikiSession, and I could not find when  
> WikiSession was actually stashed. A quick reference-skim for  
> HttpSession.setAttribute() didn't turn up anything either.

Well, okay, not really stashed into HttpSession, but SessionManager  
stores them by using the HttpSession as a key.  So they will be  
called from multiple threads, though not at the same time.   
Regardless, it's not an optimal solution.

> required ActionBean method getContext()). The WikiActionBeanContext  
> itself contains only four references: for WikiEngine, WikiSession,  
> HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse. That's it -- no other  
> references to Stripes objects, and no long chains of object  
> references pulling in lots of heavyweight stuff.

Well, that looks good - except for the HttpServletRequest/Response.   
Those are dependent on this all being a HTTP application (which may  
not be true if you embed the rendering engine in some app).  But on  
the other hand, we can of course state that those *can* be null in  
certain cases, or substitute dummy values (which in turn make these  
again Stripes-dependent).

> I'm NOT actually trying to argue that WikiActionBeanContext is the  
> right place to put the JCR code (or a reference to a class that  
> contains it) -- just pointing out that it's not as heavyweight as  
> you might think. It will always be available, which makes it a  
> decent place to put stuff. And a new one is created, fresh, for  
> every HTTP request.

I'm not worried about HTTP requests, I'm worried about cases  
*outside* HTTP (still trying to think separation of rendering and the  

What is the real relationship between WikiContext and  
WikiActionBeanContext?   For rendering, I think we need a separate  
RenderingContext interface, which encapsulates everything that the  
rendering engine needs into one interface.  But I am currently unsure  
as to how all these should relate to each other.


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