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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Stylesheet en Javascript and plugins
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 18:49:48 GMT

Hi Kees!

Good to hear from ya again :-).

The code should still work, so I guess you stumbled upon a bug.   
Could be that someone has accidentally removed something...  Could  
you please log this in the JIRA?

Also, which version are we talking about?


On Aug 12, 2008, at 20:39 , Kees wrote:

> How do you nowadays include 'javascript' and a 'stylesheet'  for a  
> plugin?
> It used to work by adding the xml-elements 'script' and  
> 'stylesheet' in the
> jspwiki_module.xml.
> But that doesn't seem to work anymore.
> The content of those elements were fetched with the method
> wikiPluginInfo.getIncludeText(). I looked in the code and that  
> method still
> exists but it is never called.
> So I guess the code has been deprecated?
> Has this feature been replaced by something else?
> Best regards,
> Kees Kuip.

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