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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: weird access rights issue, was: Re: security configuration question
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 18:37:49 GMT
Hallo Janne,

> For example, on those sites that I run, JSPWIKI-27 appears only
> after a few hours. But it never appears on, even though
> they run exactly the same codebase.

have you already checked if the configuration difference(s) give any

> 2) Multithreading.  If there are any cases where synchronization is a
> problem, it could pop up here.  All of our tests are single-thread
> only.  This means that it would appear more often under load.
> My guess is that this particular Heisenbug is either of these, and it
> relates to caching somehow.

Well, at least this bug appears even with only one user.
I know nothing about how the page content is processed, but my idea is
that the bug is caused by this data somehow (which is why I've been
referring to the ghost in the code, not the heisenbug... I've been
thinking of this one before, too). Maybe in conjunction with
page ACLs. I'll check if removing the core pages "heals" the wiki
again and if so, I'll try to determine which part of the core pages
causes the effect.

> Florian, does setting the cache size to 1 help (don't turn it off,
> just set the size to 1.)?

I'll check this and report.


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