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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Bunch-o-fixes
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2008 20:45:54 GMT
Just checked in some pretty interesting fixes, and hopefully managed  
to squash JSPWIKI-27 as well (as I managed to replicate it  
reliably).  I pushed the latest version to the sandbox, so please do  
poke around to confirm that the problems are gone!

2008-08-20  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * 2.7.0-alpha-22

         * JSPWIKI-27: Managed to duplicate this pesky bug from way  
old times.
         Looks like this was caused by a misread of the OSCache  
javadocs -
         but I am not sure if the fix causes new problems.

         * JSPWIKI-353: Fixed wrong i18n key in PluginManager which  
         up if the plugin threw an exception.

         * JSPWIKI-352: Fixed a long-standing bug with ACLs being leaked
         from one page to another if the InsertPageTag was used.

         * Added a KEYS file to the top-level dir.  It would be a  
good idea
         if all committers added their current GPG keys to it.


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