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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: REST-ful URLs [Was: url rewriting supported?]
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 08:23:14 GMT
> Yes, understood. I'm thinking it might be a fourth URLConstructor  
> scheme
> since it won't completely replace (plug-and-play wise) any of the
> existing schemes. And as I mentioned to Andrew, I'd like to be able to
> literally re-use it to invoke another web service layer on top of
> JSPWiki (for preservation, interwiki, and other potential services).

If you're in a hurry, I would look into a specific URLConstructor...   
I doubt 3.0 will be ready for a long time.

> I'm not much on hype myself, and while I do agree that the  
> ShortURLConstructor
> is either very close to or exactly matching the URL schema I'm  
> considering,
> there are some problems with the existing implementation *and* I  
> believe
> I may have a requirement to load the verb on as the latter token  
> rather
> than being included in the query string. I don't want to quibble  
> over the
> definition of RESTful either, but I may need to replace that latter  

You could fix the ShortURLConstructor ;-)

>    ShortURLConstructor - uses path-like reference style:
> with

Both of these are RESTful, with the added bonus that the latter will  
break once we have sub-pages and someone creates a page called "Main/ 

Which, BTW, is also a big problem with CleanURIs.

> Yes, certainly. We're dealing with government/corporate cooperative  
> team
> designing and implementing an enormous application that is entirely  
> built
> on this principle. There are RESTful URLs all through the  
> application and
> I've got a requirement to hook JSPWiki into that. It would be  
> lovely if
> the URLs that the user sees when using the wiki are the *same* ones  
> (or
> are from at least the same schema) as the ones hooking the wiki  
> into the
> preservation system, which is why I'm excited by Andrew's latest  
> missive.

Well, the URIs *are* already RESTful. ;-)

(In fact, /Edit.jsp?page=Foo is also RESTful.  Most people just like  
to hide the technology [jsp in this case] by using neutral URIs like / 


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