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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: First pass at 3.1 (also: 2.8 alphas, anyone?)
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 06:55:43 GMT
> And to be clear, it's not a lack of motivation on my part, it's a
> lack of time.

I completely understand this.  I never expected anything else.

> documentation, or I can't find the documentation. As an example,
> (my fault or not, not the point) I didn't even *know* the
> jspwiki_module.xml file existed when I proposed the idea of a
> plugin administration feature. I hadn't had the chance to locate
> it, and I hadn't seen anything in the documentation about it.

That's fine.  Even if we wrote documentation on all bits (e.g. the  
workflow package is very well documented), you still wouldn't have  
time to read about it all.

Which would land you in exactly the same situation as before.

And this is *NOT* a failure of the project.

(Besides, the feature you mention is documented: http://  I would very much like  
to see what would be a better place to put the documentation about  
plugins than the "how to develop plugins" section of our official  

> To reiterate, I'm not trying to be critical here, I'm only trying
> to let you know that some of us are struggling to keep up.

I completely understand.  But your proposed solution of "let's slow  
down" is completely wrong, which is why I am criticizing it so  
harshly.  Making developers feel unhappy about the effort that they  
are putting into the system is bloody destructive.

> Some
> of this might be mitigated by better documentation (or even a map
> of the existing documentation, as it's sometimes hard to find
> things) but I know you're as strapped for time as anyone. But as
> more developers get involved in the project I'm hoping this
> situation will improve, not get worse.

You know, even adding empty templates on on the  
subjects that *need* updates would be helpful. That way people can  
come in and know what is unclear to other people.  And adding a  
couple of lines to a wiki is not a question of time.

In fact, using the wiki to document these things is very much  
preferred, since email conversations are forgotten in a week.  A JIRA  
issue or a wikipage will be eventually attended to.


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