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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject First pass at 3.1 (also: 2.8 alphas, anyone?)
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2008 11:43:38 GMT

Had a sudden fit of energy, and I went through our current issues  
list and tagged a bunch of stuff that I think might be good for 3.1.   
This roughly means that our roadmap might look something like this:

* 2.8 - first Apache -licensed release.  Probably done through  
Incubator, because we don't want to switch to org.apache package just  
* 2.8.1 - bug fix relase on 2.8
* 2.8.2 - not yet roadmapped, but I think it'll be needed once people  
start using 2.8, since 3.0 may take a while.
* 3.0 - First release out of Incubation as a proper Apache project.   
Main features: Stripes, JCR, new, clean API library.
* 3.1 - Stuff that's great but we can't fit it in 3.0 because 3.0 is  
pretty massive anyway.

BTW, I think that 2.8 is ripe for an alpha release.  Any objections  
if we start the alpha/beta cycle for 2.8 now?  That way we would have  
something for people to test and mature.


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