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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: First pass at 3.1 (also: 2.8 alphas, anyone?)
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 07:10:24 GMT
Andrew Jaquith wrote:
> Janne did sound a tad cranky. I think he was simply offering advice 
> similar to what my boss used to say when I'd bring him a problem. He 
> would say, "don't bring me a monkey without bringing me the cage too."
> I'd echo most of what he said. The goals of 2.8 were to have an 
> Apache-licensed version, with very few API changes and a modest set of 
> enhancements. This puts us on track to do the real Apache release, with 
> the org.apache structure, for 3.0.
> Murray, I know that your Ceryle integration work has been substantial. 
> Clearly, that's a significant investment in your time. Certainly, we 
> need to do a better job summarizing the key changes between versions so 
> that ports and recompilations are as smooth as possible. I'm looking 
> into tools like JarJarDiff that help spotlight API changes. Also, quick 
> summaries of changes for developers and deployers would be good. The 
> Stripes folks do this quite well, and I'm planning on copying their format.


That would be excellent. As I mentioned, I don't disagree with the
2.8 deliverable schedule -- we're an Apache project now.


PS. I have a boss who would not only want a monkey and a cage, he'd want
     a banana milkshake too. Reminds me of:

   Engineer: Hey, I bought us a monkey! Let's stick him in a bagel and then
           he'll do our taxes! (
   [though I can't believe somebody created a website just for that joke]
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