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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Controllable API
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 02:01:06 GMT

Okay, a bit of RTFM for me. I'm curious as to why there'd need to be
much if anything by way of new machinery, as the Admin UI seems to be
*almost* there already.

If I were to create a jspwiki_module.xml file for all of the plugins
I administer (and provide XML files for all jars I distribute), then
it'd be a matter of adding a single element (e.g., <enabled>, or
perhaps an ACL-based approach) to the XML, adding the rather minor
changes to com.ecyrd.jspwiki.ui.admin.beans.PluginBean to process the
new boolean or ACL value(s), and add the necessary functionality to
Admin.jsp to permit more than the current read-only display, instead
including a checkbox (boolean) or selector (ACL) for each plugin.

Is this close to what's needed, or is there a lot more?

[I'm also curious as to how the 'alias' feature works, as I currently
have a fair number of classes whose sole purpose is to provide an
alias so that users don't have to type "Plugin" appended to what is
basically a predicate name). Are multiple alii possible?]



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