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From Fabian Haupt <>
Subject Re: Controllable API
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 14:48:54 GMT
Although my opinion won't count very much, i'd regard that as a great
idea. This would make it possible to enable/disable plugins as needed
without the need for a restart of the whole container. This would pave
the way for the addition and removal of plugins completely at runtime,
not only to disable/enable them.


Murray Altheim schrieb:
> Not that anyone is paying that close attention, but if you have
> you'd note that I'm managing a LOT of plugins. They're growing
> like fungus around here. Now, I'm not trying to offload them but
> my time lately has been very tight and testing has been a pain
> since my typical build installation includes all of them, such
> that I'm never sure of interactions. Lately I've been getting
> ping'd on a number of different plugin packages that have been
> bundled in the large CeryleWiki plugins jar file. I should
> probably break that thing into much smaller jars. Time willing...
> It occurs to me to create a very simple "Controllable" API and
> add a minor callout in the PluginManager to disable the function
> of a plugin based on it occurring in an excluded list, or enable
> it based on an included list (either? both?). A disabled plugin
> would either be entirely ignored by the parser/PluginManager,
> return an empty string, or some kind of error message (this might
> be defined by the API). I'm thinking of writing some kind of UI
> or JSP to permit an administrator to individually set a flag for
> each plugin.
> Any thoughts on this? Bad idea? Good idea? Not an interesting
> idea? When might this might make sense, JSPWiki-version-wise?
> Thanks,
> Murray
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