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From "Harry Metske" <>
Subject Re: Workflow persistence: your thoughts please..
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2008 16:05:29 GMT

I have never used the workflow stuff at all, neither on my personal wiki's
nor the one we run at the office.
I also don't have any plans on using it either. I can't really give you any
good feedback on this.


2008/6/23 Andrew Jaquith <>:

> Hi everybody,
> Ever since I created the workflow APIs, I've regretted the lack of a way to
> save workflows between WikiEngine restarts. Today, if you turn on workflows
> for things like page saves or user profile creation, and the WikiEngine
> stops, they vanish. So, workflow persistence is highly desirable.
> The most obvious and "simplest" way (in theory) to persist workflows would
> be to serialize them to disk. However, this requires that we change the
> public APIs in the workflow packages that pass or return Objects to
> Serializable instead. This is probably not a big deal: few 3rd party
> developers use the workflow package today.
> So, here are my questions:
> 1) What does this group think about workflow persistence as a JSPWiki
> feature? Do we need it? (I think we do...)
> 2) If we need it, when should we implement it? 2.8 or 3.0? (2.8 might be
> easier, considering everything that is slated for 3.0)
> BTW, the API changes are pretty minor (everything that used to say "Object"
> would be changed to "Serializable"):
> public interface Step extends Serializable
> +-- public Serializable[] getMessageArguments()
> public class DecisionQueue implements Serializable
> public class Fact implements Serializable
> +--- public Fact(String messageKey, Serializable value)
> public Serializable getValue()
> public final class Outcome implements Serializable
> public class Workflow implements Serializable
> +--- public final void addMessageArgument( Serializable obj )
> public final synchronized Serializable getAttribute( String attr )
> +--- public final Serializable[] getMessageArguments()
> +--- public final synchronized void setAttribute(String attr, Serializable
> obj)
> +--- public final synchronized Serializable getAttribute( String attr )
> In short: any custom workflows (of which there are only two in JSPWiki out
> of the box) would need to make sure that if they add message arguments or
> Facts that these are serializable objects. Pretty easy.
> There are some other things we'd need to tackle, not all of which I have a
> complete grip on yet. The PreSave/SaveWikiPageTask that PageManager uses to
> route wiki page saves through its workflow would need to be slightly
> refactored.
> We would also need to add some writeReplace/readResolve methods in objects
> that should be replaced during the deserialization process. In particular,
> any WorkFlowManager references would need to be dynamically replaced during
> deserialization with the one used by the current WikiEngine.
> How would we do this, given that readResolve() et al doesn't accept
> parameters? I think one way to do it might be to turn util.Serializer into a
> singleton, and stash object instances there that deserialization methods
> could use. For example, before deserializing a Workflow object we could call
> Serializer.getInstance().stash(WorkflowManager.class, m_workflowManager),
> then inside WorkflowManager's readResolve call use
> Serializer.getInstance.get(WorkflowManager.class) to retrieve it.
> What do you think? Worth doing in the short term? Am I missing anything?
> Andrew

met vriendelijke groet,
Harry Metske
Telnr. +31-548-512395
Mobile +31-6-51898081

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