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From "Mattier, Ricardo" <>
Subject RE: Controllable API
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 19:16:10 GMT


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From: Janne Jalkanen [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 3:14 PM
Subject: Re: Controllable API

Yup.  This is a bit confusing, but all of our AdminBeans actually  
implement DynamicMBean by extending from  I wasn't quite sure how to make  
the inheritance graphs build (and still make it compile for JDK4,  
which is no longer an issue).

If you fire up jconsole and watch, you'll see all the same  
functionalities appear also as JMX beans as in the HTML interface.  I  
just want to have a better admin UI (think Wordpress) than what the  
basic JMX functionality offers.


On 24 Jun 2008, at 20:59, Andrew Jaquith wrote:

> The idea is a good one. With respect to implementation, it seems to  
> me we should probably look into JMX for this. JMX defines a  
> lifecycle for registering managed beans.
> On Jun 24, 2008, at 1:52 PM, Janne Jalkanen wrote:
>>> It occurs to me to create a very simple "Controllable" API and
>>> add a minor callout in the PluginManager to disable the function
>>> of a plugin based on it occurring in an excluded list, or enable
>>> it based on an included list (either? both?). A disabled plugin
>>> would either be entirely ignored by the parser/PluginManager,
>>> return an empty string, or some kind of error message (this might
>>> be defined by the API). I'm thinking of writing some kind of UI
>>> or JSP to permit an administrator to individually set a flag for
>>> each plugin.
>> I was actually going to do something like that but sort of ran out  
>> of time.  Admin.jsp allows you to list all the installed plugins,  
>> and the idea was that you could turn plugins (well, any kind of  
>> modules: filters, editors, etc) on and off from there.
>> Essentially it would mean a new field in the WikiModuleInfo, and  
>> necessary code in the PluginManager.  I would most prefer if the  
>> UI were in the form of an AdminBean.
>> Could be targeted for 2.8.x, x >=1.
>> /Janne

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