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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (JSPWIKI-42) Change WikiWizard license into Apache
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 08:46:41 GMT
Harry Metske wrote:
> As for as I'm concerned it can be removed, I don't want to rely on anything
> on the client except a standard browser.
> Also, a wiki should be lightweight,  and it is already "heavy" enough with
> the current java scripts.
> I don't use it anywhere, and I don't plan to.


I personally agree with Harry but unfortunately should probably make a
plea for its continuation if at all possible, despite not being able to
provide any support for it timewise nor expertise-wise, as I have little
experience with JavaScript.,Sadly, in our recent evaluation people (who
are not widely experienced with wikis) nevertheless felt that WYSIWYG
was an important feature, enough so that in the points scoring JSPWiki
might not have passed muster if it didn't have WYSIWYG [and please don't
judge me by the survey results -- I disagree quite vehemently with
*requiring* a wiki to provide WYSIWYG editing support, but I was just a
minor peep in that barren management wilderness.]

Point is, when decision makers decide which wiki to use they'll often
think "WYSIWYG editing" should be listed as a requirement for adoption
of a wiki, and if JSPWiki didn't have it there might be a migration to
other wiki applications that do. If that's enough of an issue to rally
to its cause, I dunno.


> 2008/5/11 Janne Jalkanen (JIRA) <>:
>>    [
>> Janne Jalkanen commented on JSPWIKI-42:
>> ---------------------------------------
>> Ping?  Anyone? Shall we remove WikiWizard?

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