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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Date handling
Date Sun, 20 Apr 2008 20:42:03 GMT

I fixed a bunch of issues on the tracker concerning date handling in  
plugins and tags.  However, I also noticed that it's quite  
complicated right now - I don't really understand what is going on -  
and the date options offered by the user settings are pretty limited  
right now.

Anyway, what I did is that I created three basic time formats,  
denoted by Preferences.TimeFormat (TIME, DATE, DATETIME), and put  
locale-default formats in the CoreResources bundle. This allows  
localization of most plugins and should cover most of the options  
that we do.

However, there are still some oddities in how the date formats get  
chosen, so don't be surprised how they are working right now.  I  
think the proper way should be

1) If there is an user preference for the time format, use that.
2) If the user has set a language preference, use the proper default  
format from CoreResources for that language
3) If there is a locale preference from the browser, use the proper  
default format from CoreResources
4) Use the English default format from CoreResources

But I'm not sure whether this is happening the way it should be.  If  
there are good ideas, let me know...


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