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From "Weijian Fang">
Subject Problem on IE when applying a YUI 2.5.1 based template to JSPWiki 2.6.2
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 14:42:41 GMT

As part of our web application, we are using JSPWiki as a content
management system to make it easy to create and edit pages online.
Basically we have a customised JSPWiki template based on YUI 2.5.1
(mainly reset/font/grid css). It is working fine on JSPWiki 2.4. When
we try to upgrade JSPWiki to 2.6.2, we come across a problem on IE7,
which however does not occur on Firefox and Opera.

I attached a minimised test html page to illustrate the problem. After
unzip the attach file, there is a JT.htm file. There is a "More ..."
link on the page, and when mouse hovers on it, further actions should
be shown such as "View Page Source". But on IE7, those actions can not
be displayed. (I also made a few changes in jspwiki.css. All my
modifications are commented with "wf".)

I see recently JSPWiki is brought compatible with YUI 2.4. Does it
mean JSPWiki still does not well support YUI 2.5.1 which we are using?

We are hoping to leverage the newly added features in JSPWiki 2.6.2,
in particular the multi-column support in wiki markup. But without
making it work on IE, we can not go ahead. Could you please have a
look at my test html page. Any suggestion is very welcome! Many



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