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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: [jira] Created: (JSPWIKI-246) Remove/replace IndexPlugin
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 12:00:55 GMT
Janne Jalkanen wrote:
>> PageManager's getAllPages() method. The first time the plugin is called
>> I'm predictably not getting the complete list of pages, which is not
>> surprising given the documentation, just annoying. But given the
>> significant performance benefit of subsequently using findCreated() I'm
>> thinking that using getAllPages() initially, then findCreated() after
>> things have settled down.
> What do you mean by "First time"?  During RefMgr startup?

Yes, upon wiki initialization, the first time each of the respective
managers is called upon for their respective indices. For example,
here's an output from the IndexPlugin:

     2254 pages in PageManager; 2365 pages in ReferenceManager;
     4524 pages in com.ecyrd.jspwiki.providers.CachingProvider

Now, I freely admit I may have something awry. I'm mucking about building
pages via batch processes, etc., but it did strike me as a bit strange
seeing the discrepancies.

> Because by the time RefMgr startup is complete, findCreated() *should* 
> return a list of all pages, though it does not necessarily reflect the 
> latest state of the repository.

I don't follow. Isn't the latest state of the repository the same thing
as the list of all pages? What I'm finding is that there are three
different numbers sometimes.

>> Does anyone know of a flag in the code that would indicate when to
>> switch over use to findCreated()? I'd just check the flag and choose
>> the source accordingly.
> There is no such flag.

Understood. I kinda want a simple boolean that gets set true following
a run of ReferenceManager's buildKeyLists(Collection) method. Not sure
how special-case that really is...

> Could you BTW check the latest SVN version if that helps you in any 
> way?  It has some speedups in the startup which *might* help you out by 
> making sure that findCreated() is more up to date.  Just make sure you 
> empty the workdir before you start.

I think I'm using a very nearly current svn version of 2.6.2. I may
have forgotten to kill the work directory -- but gotta run now, will
try again tomorrow.



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