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From Olaf Kock <>
Subject Re: Development with Eclipse and Tomcat
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2008 18:06:50 GMT
Florian Holeczek schrieb:
> Hi developers,
> how do you develop and especially debug JSPWiki in Eclipse and Tomcat?
> I know the standard way of the "Dynamic Web Project" in order to
> develop and debug with Tomcat. But, as soon as I start the project as
> "Dynamic Web Project", I can't select a svn/cvs repository any more.
> Same with starting a svn/cvs project and then trying to add a server.

I currently have no JSPWiki checked out in Eclipse, last I had is a
while ago from cvs - I've never touched JSPWiki svn. However, I've
converted quite a few projects. This is what you do:

* Check out project from svn
* Convert it to a dynamic web project.
There is a menu item that promises to do just that (Project/Convert to
Dynamic Web Project). Unfortunately it is almost always inaccessible and

To manually convert a project one way is to manipulate the .project
file. Create a new dynamic web project and examine its .project file,
compare it with your own (especially the natures and builders section)

You might need some of the entries from the .settings directory,
especially the facet pieces.

When you're done with manipulating these files, you most likely need to
examine the project properties, esp. the "J2EE Module Dependencies" and
flag several needed jars to be exported to the web applications WEB-INF/lib.

Check all sections in the project properties dialog if the settings seem
somehow plausible.

I hope, this helps. Most likely there is more, but this should get you
started and point to some of the places to watch.

There /must/ be an easier way, only I've never found it...


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