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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: sub pages
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 21:27:22 GMT
Hi all,

I now understand the need and convenience of sub pages. However, I
can't imagine an easy user interface for it. Normally, people don't
think in trees and these data structures. I wonder whether they really
know that e.g. deleting a page will also delete all sub pages.

Does anyone here know a live example of how this feature is presented
to the user?


Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht vom 27.03.2008 um 10:35:
>> Could anyone explain why sub pages are such an important requirement,
>> maybe give an example?

> For example, the current WeblogPlugin has to use a very inconvenient  
> way of naming pages, creating loads and loads of pages by the same name.

> It would be much nicer, if all entries were subpages under a single  
> page.

> This has also some nice implications on ACLs - if you want to have  
> bits of your wiki sliced off with a bit more/less freedom, ACLs can  
> be inherited.  Again, the weblog plugin is a good example - you need  
> to set the ACL only once on the top-level page, instead of editing  
> every single entry page.

> Other typical use case is adding e.g. a "Talk" -page to your page.   
> In some wikis, this is a sub-page of the actual page; in some, it is  
> living in a whole separate space. I think it's better to have it as a
> subpage, because once we allow several spaces to exist, you would  
> need sub-spaces to accommodate the talk pages...

> /Janne

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