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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: JSPWiki 3 design notes
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 15:08:55 GMT
Hi Janne,

>> Another idea: Why not see page deletion as and "end of life" marker
>> in the page history? Let a page get a life cycle (create, change,
>> delete).

> That's what is currently in the document. It has the couple of
> obvious bad sides, like the fact what happens if someone recreates
> the page? Your versioning would not start from one, but 2389 ;-)

thinking about this (and generally the whole versioning and linking
thing) I came to the conclusion that the basic problem lies in the
wiki way itself: using page names as identifiers.

We wouldn't have any problems if there was another identifier (JCR has
its UUIDs) and the page name was only one of several metadata (which,
BTW, would be localizable then).

I think, although they are restrictions, things like using page names
as identifiers simply are like this in a wiki (in opposite of e.g. a
cms) and should be left this way.

One could however increase usability via workarounds, e.g. in this
case, adding an internal life cycle count to the version number
(1.2389 - deletion - recreation - 2.1).

Which are the other bad sides you've been talking of?


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