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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: author-tags Was: Trunk is now open for 2.8 stuff.
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:26:49 GMT

Then what do we do with new people if some of them insist to have the  
@author tag and some don't?


On 31 Mar 2008, at 19:58, Harry Metske wrote:
> Although I'm not a committer I'd like to comment :
> I think both of you are right, there is code that is submitted  
> initially
> fairly complete, and is not patched much afterwards, and if it is  
> patched,
> it is only small bug fixes. In those cases you would want to keep the
> @author tags.
> On the other hand there is code that is initially submitted as a  
> simple
> first prototype, and is afterwards greatly enhance by others. In  
> those cases
> you should remove the @author tags.
> If it is not exactly mandated by ASF how to deal with, let everyone  
> decide
> for himself how to handle it, and you don't have to handle every  
> piece of
> code the same, for some pieces keep your @author tag, for others  
> remove them
> ?
> How about that, everybody happy ?
> regards,
> Harry
> 2008/3/31, Janne Jalkanen <>:
>>>> Case in point: The author of LuceneSearchProvider has not
>>>> contributed anything in what, two years?  Yet he still stands in
>>>> as the @author.  Would you go to him to ask for help, or should
>>>> you go to the mailing list?
>>> I'd ask the list, but I would likewise *know* that the author hasn't
>>> been seen for two years, information that would be lost if the  
>>> tag had
>>> been removed.
>> The @author tag does not encode that information.  Therefore, nothing
>> would be lost, if it were removed (and it might probably be a good
>> idea to remove it at that stage).
>> The code should really stand on its own legs.
>>> You're saying you have your name on code you don't understand?
>> Yes.  Other people have modified code for which I am still the
>> @author, and I can't really claim that I know what that code does
>> anymore...  And I'm pretty sure I have modified a lot of the code
>> that other people claim to be @author of, and they no longer have any
>> idea what is going on.
>> That's how it goes with projects that have been running for nearly
>> seven years now.
>> /Janne
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> met vriendelijke groet,
> Harry Metske
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