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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: Bug in build.xml?
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2008 12:02:31 GMT
> Works on OSX and Linux, so it's probably not the Ant file. Error 2
> on Windows is "no such program". So do you have the svn executable
> in your path?
> /Janne

Thanks, that was it, too, but there's another problem!

I didn't know that the win32 SVN client has to be installed, too.
Thought Subclipse was enough.
Hint for others who may be running into this problem, too: If Eclipse
crashes after the svn client installation, have a look at

After installing the svn client, I got the following error:
> srczip:
>    [delete] Deleting directory C:\TEMP\Florian Holeczek\JSPWiki\svnsrc
>      [exec] svn: Fehler des Client beim Einlesen der Parameter
>      [exec] Result: 1
> C:\eclipse_workspace\JSPWiki\build.xml:462: C:\TEMP\Florian
> Holeczek\JSPWiki\svnsrc not found.

Testing the svn command line call (svn export
C:\TEMP\/Florian Holeczek/JSPWiki/svnsrc), I found out that not even
the \/ is the problem, but the blank in the destination path, meaning
that the build.xml command will have to be modified so that the
destination path is enclosed by quotes.
("C:\TEMP\/Florian Holeczek/JSPWiki/svnsrc")


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