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From "Jorge Ferrer" <>
Subject Suggestions to facilitate the integration of JSPWiki's engine
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 18:34:35 GMT
Hi all,

As I've mentioned in another email, I've been working lately in
integrating JSPWiki's engine as the engine used in Liferay Portal. The
integration has already been done and is available in Liferay's svn at
sourceforge (in case someone is interested) and I'd like to make some
simple suggestions that could ease this type of integration for
others. I'll be glad to contribute with a patch for each of these if
JSPWiki's developers like the ideas:

1) Support specifying a different name or location for filters.xml
within the classpath. Currently if you set a path in it always interprets it as an absolute path file
system. What I want to suggest is to keep the order of search (WEB-INF
then classpath then file system) even if there is an entry in the
properties file.

2) Make the scanWikiLinks method in WikiEngine public. That way it's
easier to use this feature from outside the engine to generate lists
of outgoing or incoming links

3) Support disabling the creation of threads per wiki engine. In our
case we may have hundredths of wiki engines (or more) at the same time
and the lucene indexing is done else where anyway. So for performance
reasons, it would be great to be able to avoid the creation of those

4) Allow creation of external PageProviders and SearchProviders that
are not in the com.ecyrd.jspwiki packages. Although it's possible to
use that package in external JARs it would be much cleaner to be able
to specify your own package in the property.

What do you guys think?

BTW, I have some notes that I've taken during the integration. I'd be
glad to copy them to the wiki so that they can be helpful for other
people wanting to integrate JSPWiki's engine. Do you think that would
be interesting?


Jorge Ferrer
Software Architect
Liferay, Inc.
Enterprise. Open Source. For Life.

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