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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject JSPWiki 2.6.1 release is now available
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2008 17:15:08 GMT
As the title says.

This is a 2.6.x maintenance release, so it's still under LGPL.  Lots  
and lots of bug fixes (and this version should run under JDK 1.4,  
again!) and a Dutch localization.  Upgrading is recommended to all  
current 2.6.0 users.

It's available from the usual place, 


2008-02-10  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * 2.6.1 release.

2008-02-03 Dirk Frederickx (

         * 2.6.1-rc-4

         * Dozens of localization fixes for nl [JSPWiki-176]  
Excellent review by Harry Metske.
         Many Thanks!

2008-02-03 Dirk Frederickx (

         * Small fixes on Dutch localization (nl)  No version update

2008-02-02 Dirk Frederickx (

         * Added DUTCH localization (nl)

2008-02-02  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * 2.6.1-rc-3

         * [JSPWIKI-123]: Added German date formats to, thanks
         to Florian Holeczek

         * [JSPWIKI-173]: Oops, we had a detection routine for  
illegal XML chars,
         but unfortunately it was outputting the same illegal chars  
to the as an

2007-12-10  Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT apache DOT org>

         * 2.6.1-rc-2

         * Changed default tests/etc/groupdatabase.xml and tests/etc/ 
         so that they use the platform-independent date formats for  
         datestamps. Also, fixed a bug in XMLUserDatabase that caused  
"old" date formats
         to not be converted on startup. Thanks to Harry Metske for  
reporting this issue.

         * Tiny tweak to Eclipse classpath so that class files are  
put in build/ and tests/build.

2008-01-27  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * 2.6.1-rc-1

         * [JSPWIKI-166]: Added a default mail sender to ward off an  
evil NPE.
         I have a suspicion that things still don't work as  
documented, but
         at least there is no NPE anymore.

2008-01-27 Dirk Frederickx (

         * 2.6.1-cvs-11

         * [JSPWiki-137] : Toggle workflow details now also works on FF

         * [JSPWiki-123]	: The set of user-preference timeformats  
added to iso

2008-01-26 Dirk Frederickx (

         * [JSPWiki-147] : Slimbox labels were forgotten. (credit  
Tomasz Szymko)
         Added a new item to

             javascript.slimbox.close=Close &#215;
             javascript.slimbox.close.title=Close [Esc]

2008-01-26  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * [JSPWIKI-146]: We now properly catch the exceptions  
generated during
         download to avoid dumb error messages.

         * [JSPWIKI-102]: Added patch from Harry Metske to fix JNDI  
mail sending.

         * [JSPWIKI-153]: German translation was still talking about  
         upon password recovery.

         * [JSPWIKI-157]: CoreResources had strings which were not  
         up properly, but had HTML entities.  Fixed en, fi, de and es.

         * Updated Finnish localization.

2008-01-26 Dirk Frederickx (

         * 2.6.1-cvs-10  -- various small i18n issues

         * [JSPWiki-123]	: The set of user-preference timeformats  
moved to the, such that the administrator can easily  
choose timeformats,
         if needed even localize them.

         * [JSPWiki-137] Toggle details button is now working and  
i18n'ized in Workflow page
         Added a new item to

             workflow.creatUserProfile=New user profile <strong>{2}</ 

         * [JSPWiki-144] : LoginHelp links to LoginPageHelp in l10n  
         Added LoginPageHelp to Core wiki pages (copied from

         * [JSPWiki-147] : Category title label was not i18N
         Added a new item to

             javascript.category.title=Click to show category [{0}] ...

         * [JSPWiki-149] : Edit Group and Delete Group did not fit  
well in the gui.
         Refactored the EditGroupcontent.jsp and GroupContent.jsp to  
make the gui more consistent.

         * [JSPWIKI-163] Error message when creating a new group to  
be I18N
         Added a new item to

             newgroup.exists=Group {0} already exists. Try another name.

2008-01-24  Juan Pablo Santos (

         * Updated spanish translation with missing entry keys.  
Switched HTML
         entities to Latin1 equivalent.

2008-01-20  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * 2.6.1-cvs-9

         * [JSPWIKI-142]: Typo in  Thanks to  
Florian! (And
         probably the fastest bug fix in JSPWiki history...)

         * [JSPWIKI-59]: ReferringPagesPlugin would create the wrong  
         link in fi and de localizations.  Fixed and upgraded en and  
es localizations.

2008-01-19  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * 2.6.1-cvs-8

         * Oops, there was a JDK 1.5 dependency in  
AttachmentServlet.  Fixed,
         should again work on 1.4.

         * [JSPWIKI-136]: WorkflowContent.jsp had a couple of  
untranslated strings;
         updated English and Finnish translations.  Reported by  
Tomasz Szymko.

         * [JSPWIKI-135]: ConflictContent had an untranslated  
string.  Reported by
         Tomasz Szymko (whose name I am *so* going to misspell one day).

         * [JSPWIKI-133]: GroupContent.jsp had an untranslated  
string.  Reported by
         Tomasz Szymko.

         * [JSPWIKI-134]: EditGroupContent.jsp had a couple of  
untranslated strings.
         Reported by Tomasz Szymko.

         * [JSPWIKI-132]: FindContent had an untranslated string.   
Reported by
         Tomasz Szymko.

         * [JSPWIKI-131]: Changed "authenticated" to "authorized" in  
all built-in
         localizations.  Thanks to Fabian Haupt for en, de and es.

         * [JSPWIKI-114]: Fixed issue with VariableManager not  
checking the parent
         page for variables in case the InsertPage plugin was used.   
Thanks to
         Stephen Solka!

         * [JSPWIKI-118]: Fixed issue with FCK editor not saving all  
metadata.  Thanks
         to David Au for the fix!

         New i18n keys in i18n/templates/
            * workflow.details
            * workflow.details.title
            * conflict.oops.title

2008-01-12 Dirk Frederickx (

         * 2.6.1-cvs-7

         * [JSPWIKI-128] fixed various issues in the  printing style  
         Validation of IE is pending.

2008-01-07  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * 2.6.1-cvs-6

         * [JSPWIKI-95]: Links to anchors with blanks work now.  This  
         a tiny, very tiny compatibility issue with links to headings  
         case in some cases.  Reported by JŸrgen Weber.

         * [JSPWIKI-125]: FilterManager now checks for version  
         of PageFilters by looking into the ini/jspwiki_module.xml.   
This was a
         surprisingly big change.  I would very much like to move to  
         in 3.0... Reported by Florian Holeczek.

         * [JSPWIKI-124]: Turns out that using de_DE as the language  
         is not a good idea, as it really works only when you define  
Deutsch (Deutschland)
         as your language - all other German-speaking folks would see  
         Reported by Goran Karlic.

         * added stress/MassiveRepositoryTest.

2008-01-06  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * Fixed a number of Eclipse warnings.  No version bump, no
         functionality change.

2008-01-05 Dirk Frederickx (

         * No version bump - small fix of exception in Footer.jsp

2008-01-05  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * 2.6.1-cvs-5

         * [JSPWIKI-108]: Fixed EditPageHelp.txt which had an extra  
pipe char.

         * [JSPWIKI-106]: Password recovery emails are now sent with  
UTF-8 encoding.

         * [JSPWIKI-113]: Patch from Harry Metske to make sure the  
JNDI factory is
         only checked once when sending email.

         * [JSPWIKI-119]: URI detector now detects properly ~ and %  

2008-01-03 Dirk Frederickx (

         * 2.6.1-cvs-4

         * Improving robustness of Wiki.getPageName(url) which was  
dying on unexpected url formats.

2008-01-02  Dirk Frederickx (

         * 2.6.1-cvs-3

         * [JSPWIKI-49] Fixed handling of the Editor choice as part  
of the user preferences.
         When restarting the browser, also the preferred editor  
setting is recovered.
         Still 2 properties exist to set the default Editor choice  
(both are kept for bw compat)
         You can choose either one.
           jspwiki.defaultprefs.template.editor =plain    (=> preferred)

         * All WEBTESTs are now converted to Selenium. They run  
manually -- still need to verify
         the automatic run via ant.

         * The MORE dropdown is now also available during Login,  
UserPreferences and Find screens.
         This makes all common links (stored in MoreMenu) more easily  

         * Minor JS refactorings on handling color for GraphBars and  

         * Minor JS refactorings to better support Category styles  
for IE.

         * Both JSPWiki logo's (shaded and not-shaded image) have  
been merged in a single .png
         to resolve image flicker at mouse-hover. (especially on ie)

2007-12-10  Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT apache DOT org>

         * 2.6.1-cvs-2

         * [JSPWIKI-116] Under certain circumstances, calls to
         UserManager.getUserDatabase() are made before the user  
database is
         actually initialized, resulting in NPEs. To resolve, we  
simply replaced
         internal references to m_userDatabase with getUserDatabase(),
         which lazily initializes the database if it has not already  

2007-12-25  Janne Jalkanen <>

         * 2.6.1-cvs-1

         * Added SpamFilter.isValidUserProfile() and corresponding  
         to allow also user registrations to be spam-checked.

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