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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: WikiSpaces follow-up
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 22:29:20 GMT
> Another thing is that we could also make different WikiEngines and  
> WikiSpaces in a single engine the same level - so "Foo:Bar" just  
> simply refers to a page called Bar in a wiki called Foo - regardless  
> of whether that lives in the same WikiEngine or some other  
> WikiEngine than all your other pages.

Ok. That actually makes a LOT of sense. The rule would be: "We don't  
care how many webapps you have, but all of your space names should be  
globally unique if you expect to apply a common policy to it." It  
could cause some confusion, but these could be worked-around, and  
there won't be confusion in the default cases.

> That might be the best from e.g. load balancing point of view - your  
> URLs would stay the same even if you distributed your wikis among  
> multiple servers or multiple JVMs.  You could then use e.g.  
> mod_rewrite or some other means to direct to the proper servlet  
> instance.  It would also be easiest to the user - "I got this  
> wikispace called 'Foo', and it's now mine.  I don't care where it  
> lives, and how it works, but it's mine."

PS. At the risk of opening a can of worms, we ought to externalize URL  
re-writing in JSPWiki 3 via Response.encodeURL(). Experimenting with  
that now... Heh.

> Also, even if you don't do load-balancing, you still probably want  
> to make wiki space names unique across all WikiEngines which share  
> the same repository.  Or else you have to somehow divide those up  
> there, too, adding one extra layer (or putting them each to a  
> different Workspace, which is also a possibility, but...)
>> Would you see GroupPermissions or WikiPermissions needing support  
>> for spaces? I don't think GroupPermission would need them, because  
>> there's no need to divide up the groups for a given wiki.  
>> WikiPermission might need spaces, though (e.g., for createPages).
> I agree, I think groups and account management should be per- 
> WikiEngine and per-property -file, common to all Spaces which are  
> running under this Engine.

Not sure what you mean here. What would define the "namespace" for  
each WikiEngine or property file? How would you distinguish them? And  
how would we explain that this is somehow different from a "space"? (I  
am trying to visualize the policy file: explaining that the *:* for  
PagePermission means <space>:<page>, but the * in GroupPermission  
means <wikiengine-or-propertyfile>.)

> We also need to be careful which properties we will allow to be  
> configured for each WikiSpace and which are common across all spaces  
> and cannot be overridden.
>> Also, I have a question. Would subpages recurse? Or would there  
>> just be one subpage level underneath the page?
> Indefinite nesting.

Dammit. I was hoping to escape without much work. :)

> /Janne

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