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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: JSPWiki 3 design notes
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 13:17:23 GMT
Janne Jalkanen wrote:
>> Well, if by jcr:uuid you mean a canonical, unique identifier for the
>> resource, I've got that as an 'oid' (object id), created by a 10ms
>> delayed, non-repeating (timestamped) ID factory. The system identifier
> Check out the JCR spec on this one.  It's a globally unique ID of a
> Node. 
>> If you're talking about the prototype we've discussed, I mean more
>> information about the ability to continue to use non-JSR 170 backends,
>> as we may need to. We may have a very strong need to if we end up
>> backing the system into a CMS (which I wouldn't particularly like but
>> it might not work with our archiving system otherwise, dunno yet).
> I think the chances of using a non-JCR backend is essentially zero,
> because it would mean duplicating the entire metadata layer and
> essentially redesigning JSR-170.

So you don't see any way of using a JSPWiki 3.0 implementation
*without* JSR-170? I'm rather surprised, really. One of the real
strengths of JSPWiki is that there's a nice, lightweight file
system implementation too. If the entry ramp is a complex database
that'll likely have huge significance on its use. For example, I've
been working on a lightweight wiki for the OLPC XO (kids') laptop.
It runs fine using the file system but could *never* use a complex
database since the whole shebang must fit into memory.

> But this is a very long topic and I don't have more time...

Agreed -- right now neither do I. But we're not necessarily in a
rush either...


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