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From "Dirk Frederickx" <>
Subject Re: The unspeakable horror of UserPreferences
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 20:16:11 GMT
On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 7:56 AM, Janne Jalkanen
<> wrote:
> > First, I'd like to see the various user preferences bits become
>  > part of a proper Java class, rather than continue to get bigger and
>  > bigger as scriptlet code in the JSPs. As happens, the preferences
>  > themselves are just String key/value pairs.

Actually, I have done already some refactoring on my local jspwiki to
move all scriptlets from the preferences tab to the
Just waiting for 2.7.xx  to add this stuff.

>  > Third, a long (long!) time ago, Janne and I discussed adding some
>  > capabilities to the UserManager/UserDatabase classes that would
>  > allow  persistent storage of preferences. To keep things flexible,
>  > I think the best way to store these things is to simply create an
>  > additional table (in the JDBC case) that would stash key/value
>  > pairs. In the XML case, we could add 'pref' elements as children of
>  > each 'user' element. Doing it this way would enable us to store an
>  > unlimited number of preferences, for anything we could imagine. I
>  > suspect Dirk can imagine quite a lot of things. :)

yeah yeah some more is coming :-D


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