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From "Jorge Ferrer" <>
Subject Re: What is the status of the development to support Creole?
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 15:27:38 GMT
Hi Janne,

Thanks for your fast answer.

> Christoph is the person to answer this - I haven't really kept track.

Ok, I'll wait for his answer.

BTW, what is your personal position in Creole. Do you think it's
interesting enough to take its support further in JSPwiki?

> No idea...  I'm half-tempted to rip out the CreoleFilter out of the
> core anyway, as it seems that we have nobody who is interested in or
> capable of keeping it up and current.  It might better that it was
> developed as a separate module.

That would be bad news for me. One of the main reasons to pick JSPwiki
(besides its functionality and good community) is its support for
Creole. Taking it out of the core, if there isn't any active
developer, would most probably mean to let it die :(

Best regards,

Jorge Ferrer
Software Architect
Liferay, Inc.
Enterprise. Open Source. For Life.

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