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From "Jorge Ferrer" <>
Subject What is the status of the development to support Creole?
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 14:11:56 GMT
Hey All,

I've been working lately to integrate JSPwiki (great software, btw)
with Liferay Portal and have become increasingly interested in the
support for Creole. Based on the WikiCreole website, JSPwiki supports
version 0.6 [1]. Are there plans to support version 1.0? Based on a
post [2] by Christoph Sauer it's already supported. Could you confirm

Also, based on a previous post by Christoph[3], there are plans to
implement a direct renderer of WikiCreole as opposed to the current
mixed-mode filter. If this still going to be done? If so, what is its

Finally there are some minor issues that I've found when using the
filter with the test cases for creole:
- URLs are not automatically converted
- The constructions foo://bar makes 'bar' become cursive and it shouldn't
- Lists that become with spaces (before the asterisk or hash) are not
correctly rendered
- Multi line lists are not properly rendered. The second line is not
included in the LI
- Images are not inserted (instead it interprets it as a plugin and fails)

Are these known issues?

Best regards,


Jorge Ferrer
Software Architect
Liferay, Inc.
Enterprise. Open Source. For Life.

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