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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: What is the status of the development to support Creole?
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 21:59:34 GMT
> I've been working lately to integrate JSPwiki (great software, btw)
> with Liferay Portal and have become increasingly interested in the
> support for Creole. Based on the WikiCreole website, JSPwiki supports
> version 0.6 [1]. Are there plans to support version 1.0? Based on a
> post [2] by Christoph Sauer it's already supported. Could you confirm
> that?

Christoph is the person to answer this - I haven't really kept track.

> Also, based on a previous post by Christoph[3], there are plans to
> implement a direct renderer of WikiCreole as opposed to the current
> mixed-mode filter. If this still going to be done? If so, what is its
> status?

Yup - mixed mode is really quite evil, as once you use it, you can't  
really go back.  However, unless Christoph has some folks stacked  
somewhere working on this, I don't think anybody else has worked on  
it at all.

> Finally there are some minor issues that I've found when using the
> filter with the test cases for creole:
> - URLs are not automatically converted
> - The constructions foo://bar makes 'bar' become cursive and it  
> shouldn't
> - Lists that become with spaces (before the asterisk or hash) are not
> correctly rendered
> - Multi line lists are not properly rendered. The second line is not
> included in the LI
> - Images are not inserted (instead it interprets it as a plugin and  
> fails)
> Are these known issues?

No idea...  I'm half-tempted to rip out the CreoleFilter out of the  
core anyway, as it seems that we have nobody who is interested in or  
capable of keeping it up and current.  It might better that it was  
developed as a separate module.


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