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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: package names (was Re: PLEASE READ: package names, trademarks and legal advice)
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 13:18:50 GMT
> I would therefore suggest that:
> 1) the code be imported into apache svn
> 2) the licensing be changed, but NOT the packagenames
> 3) a 2.8.0 release be made from the site, as a
> release, using the code taken from the apache svn. This release  
> will be
> under the Apache license, but with the existing packagenames and  
> stating
> that it is a product, not an ASF product (ie NOTICE etc
> refer to or ecyrd).
> 4) then the packagenames can be changed in apache svn, NOTICE updated,
> promotion from incubator to full project can happen, and a 3.0 ASF
> release of the code can be made.

This sounds like a good approach.  I like it :-)

> (a) work can be done in the asf repository, using asf procedures, asf
> mailing lists etc. This will provide evidence of the community  
> necessary
> for promotion from the incubator. The cvs should be frozen
> at the time of import into apache svn, so there is only one "active"
> repository.

Yes, I would very much like to freeze the cvs and create  
a separate 2.6 branch in the apache svn.

> (b) the move to ASF doesn't block release of a jspwiki 2.8.0 release.
> That release cannot be made under the ASF name, but that doesn't  
> matter.

Yes, because in every respect it would be just as good as an ASF  
release, and it would still be covered by Apache license.

> *Note that this is just my opinion*. The project mentor/incubator PMC
> are the ones who would have to ok this.

O Mentor, what is thy bidding?


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