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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Fear of the Unknown [Was: Resolved: (JSPWIKI-156) Allow customisation of CommandResolver]
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2008 00:00:42 GMT
Janne Jalkanen wrote:
>> I'm just hoping we aren't purchasing cool at the expense of simplicity.
>> I really like simplicity -- it was certainly one of the reasons I chose
>> JSPWiki over something like ZWiki. Whatever benefits Stripes may have it
>> looks to significantly increase the internal complexity of JSPWiki, or
>> it looks that way anyway...
> Nope.  I agree the Stripes documentation can be a bit daunting, but 
> Stripes *is* going to make things easier (compared to the current 
> Command structure anyway, which, in retrospect was a mistake, I think).
> That is, unless Andrew has managed to turn it into some monstrous 
> beast.  But that would take a bit of an effort.  The best way, I guess, 
> to learn about Stripes would be just to poke around - I built a sample 
> project with it, and it really is quite easy.  It has a couple of quirks 
> (like whether you choose an ActionBean or a JSP as your first-stop -- 
> the documentation says one thing and the mailing lists say the other 
> thing), but it really uses things like Annotations to their full potential.

Well, call me a Luddite but I often find things people claim are meant
to simplify my life as generally doing exactly the opposite (this is
true in general, not just with code development). I like my simple little
world just fine, and the time I've spent trying to learn things like
Eclipse have not been paid back in convenience or time saved. Same with
Subversion (ant works fine, thank you). The incessant march of progress
is often a big distraction from getting work done.

And sometimes this is largely due not to any failing in a project but
to sucky documentation. I simply don't have a lot of time to figure out
how something works, particularly when it's a moving target and there's
no accurate documentation available.

I'm going to trust you guys know what you're talking about as regards
Stripes. At this point it's to me just Another Thing I Must Learn, when
I've honestly got a very full plate already. But as apparently the
resident Luddite, I've not found that much use for Java annotations yet


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