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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (JSPWIKI-155) Allow customisation of core classes via ClassUtil.getMappedObject
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 23:34:22 GMT
Andrew Jaquith (JIRA) wrote:
>     [
> Andrew Jaquith commented on JSPWIKI-155:
> ----------------------------------------
> Now that I understand the capabilities of getMappedObject() better, I 
> am going to go on record and say that this feature was and is a very
> bad, bad idea. I know that it was meant as a developer feature. But I
> think it's fundamentally dangerous, because it could totally subvert
> what classloading is supposed to be all about. I have never seen or
> heard of any other mature Java project that does anything like this --
> and there's probably a good reason for that. 
> Based on the e-mail trail that we've had so far, it is clear that this 
> bug is masking another: namely, a problem Simon's having getting JSPWiki
> working with ACEGI. That's the root of this, right? If so, let's fix 
> that bug, not this one, and make a dangerous feature even worse.

Yes, agreed.

> I recommend in the strongest, most unambiguous terms that we close 
> this bug as "won't fix." Moreover, I'd like to suggest that we
> completely remove the class-mapping features of ClassUtil. I acknowledge
> its power for certain developers, but it is a security disaster waiting
> to happen. Developer convenience features shouldn't be in production code.

Hi Andrew,

Removing this feature would *completely* shut down my embedded use
of JSPWiki, killing off further use of JSPWiki utterly and entirely.
Therefore I can only respond that in the strongest, most unambiguous
terms we not remove the class-mapping features of ClassUtil.

As a way of mitigating its abuse, might I suggest a simple boolean flag,
that once set following completion of WikiEngine's instantiation,
disables further class mapping? I only need to use class mapping during
instantiation of the WikiEngine itself; after that it admittedly becomes
only a security issue (which is why I didn't want it opened up any
further in order to 'solve' Simon's bug).


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