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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Fwd: package names (was Re: PLEASE READ: package names, trademarks and legal advice)
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 11:25:03 GMT
Janne Jalkanen wrote:
> Folks,
> The opinion seems to be that for 2.8, we would need to rename all the 
> packages to org.apache.jspwiki.*.  This means that ALL existing plugins 
> and modules will break.  The problem is that we're going to break the 
> API again in 3.0 (that's why the "3"), when revamping the backend.

Given that the plugin path has to be specified in,
*in theory* the existing plugins could still function if their earlier
(i.e., current) paths were added to the list. That's a reasonable interim
solution. But it's likely that this is a simplification, as there'll be
a bunch of incompatibilities in the mix. There's also all the interaction
with the JSPs and other parts of the code and installation that expects
the current paths.

> So, this means two source and binary breaks between two consecutive 
> major releases, invalidating all of the existing plugins.
> We have three options: change our release plans, bite the bullet and 
> accept the breaks, or alternatively, postpone graduation until we have 
> 3.0 (which may take a while).

I'm ready to bite the bullet as necessary, but I'd *really* prefer to
do this just once.

> Opinions?  Other alternatives?

We probably should break the plugin discussion into the various areas
or characterizations in which plugins are distributed. We have core,
we have contributed, we have all manner of miscellaneous. And as you
probably know, I have a lot of plugins. A *lot*:

Now, paths wouldn't have to change for hardly any of these, but I think
there may be some I have responsibility for. But in any case I feel like
I'm pretty well-placed to make a mass change of package name for any that
I'm responsible for that you consider part of the distribution. As for
others, I dunno.

But this is likely to introduce a *ton* of bugs, and I don't think any
of us are so well-placed (time-wise) to tackle a bunch of plugin bugs.
I've got a major project going live, two new projects, a ton of documen-
tation to write (including a least one or two papers), all in the next
few months (and I'm also trying desperately but successfully to have a


PS. I do have a shell script that does mass name transforms of all files
in a directory, which I use for updating year-of-copyright. Simple sh/sed
stuff but I can pass it along if you want if it might save you some time.
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