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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Classmapping and final classes
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 12:59:24 GMT
Simon Kitching wrote:
> Thanks very much for your time Murray.

Hi Simon,

You're quite welcome.

> However I am still reasonably sure that the final status of the
> AuthorizationManager *is* a problem (and I have been doing this Java
> thing for a few years now).

I certainly didn't mean to imply otherwise.

> Let's split up the code in WikiEngine into steps:
> (1) String reqClass = AuthenticationManager.class.getName();
> (2) Object mgrObj = ClassUtil.getMappedObject(reqClass);
> (3) m_authenticationManager = (AuthenticationManager) mgrObj;
> Steps (1) and (2) are fine. Yes, it is possible to configure the
> classmappings.xml file to point to my custom implementation, and
> ClassUtil will happily load the Class, create an instance and return it.
> No problems here at all.
> But in (3), the attempt to cast the custom object to type
> will fail because it is not of
> that type. A ClassCastException will therefore occur and the WikiEngine
> will fail to initialise.
> The solution is simply to make the custom class subclass
> AuthenticationManager - but that is not possible because that class is
> final.

Yes, understood, I see your point now. It sounds like AuthenticationManager
needs to be an API in order for this to work. Sorry to not see this problem

> Note that I've now got a solution that works for me; I have a custom jar
> with a reimplementation of the problem classes (without final
> qualifiers) and I have named the jar "_jspwiki_patch.jar", where the
> leading underscore causes the servlet engine picks it up before the real
> JSPWiki.jar (alphabetical order). But sometime it might be nice to
> either fix this in the jspwiki code or rip out the
> ClassUtils.getMappedObject calls and just replace them with "new"..

Well, unless this is a common use case (which it might be, dunno), it's
probably better that you have simply rewritten the 'problem' classes. If
this is something Andrew thinks is a good idea (and he's certainly the
expert on security more than myself) then perhaps looking into rewriting
AuthenticationManager and AuthorizationManager as interfaces might be in
order for the future.



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