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From Neil Miller <>
Subject Re: Embedding jspwiki in another app
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2008 19:02:13 GMT
Simon Kitching wrote:
>>> The first issue I expect to strike is that the url triggering jspwiki
>>> will be of form "/ourwebapp/help/Wiki.jsp?page=ZZZ". Does jspwiki run ok
>>> under a path that is not the webapp root?
> I guess I can figure it out myself (the code is *wonderfully* well
> commented) but whatever is easy for you to provide would be greatly
> appreciated.
I had another thought, could you just deploy JSPWiki as a standalone JAR 
and set it's context path to "/ourwebapp/help/"? If that's doable in 
whatever appserver you're using then you wouldn't need to patch at all.
> I suspect the core developers will be pretty busy with the move to
> Apache over the next few weeks, and probably aren't too keen on patches
> to change things like this at the current time..
Sort of my thoughts at the time I wrote the code.
> Aren't most of the jsps needed even in just read-only mode? I can see
> how the "controller" pages Wiki.jsp, Edit.jsp, etc can be replaced with
> servlets fairly easily. But as I currently understand the code, a lot of
> the others (eg ViewTemplate.jsp, ViewContent.jsp) are critical for
> correct rendering of a page, even when WikiRenderer is called directly.
> Have I misunderstood something?
The renderer simply produces HTML from the source wiki text. We have our 
own pages (JSPs) that call the WikiRender, get the HTML and insert it. 
Naturally this doesn't use any of the templates, or display the left 
side nav, etc.
> And with an unpacked approach, how do you handle an upgrade to a new
> JspWiki release?
As long as our code compiles against the JSPWiki JAR, we can just swap 
that out on the read-only site. On the admin site, we'd have to copy 
various pages to be included in our WAR. We generally grab the files we 
need from CVS.


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