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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Embedding jspwiki in another app
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 23:13:10 GMT
Simon Kitching wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to use jspwiki as the "help engine" for an internal
> application. The intention is that documentors write help for a
> web-application using jspwiki, then we bundle up the pages and include
> them *plus the necessary jspwiki infrastructure to render them* in our
> .war file. Initially it would be view-only, but later we might try to
> implement a custom "page provider" (?) to allow users to modify the
> default pages, with a database used as backing storage.
> I'm just starting on this, and before I spend too much time: has anyone
> done anything similar?

Yes, I've been running JSPWiki as an embedded webapp running on top of
Jetty in a standalone Java application for several years now. Not sure
if using an embedded web server is in line with your approach or not.

As I'm running JSPWiki inside of Jetty's 'webapps' directory, JSPWiki
is basically treated as a typical web application. The one major change
that I've made is to use the events manager to capture the start of the
wiki and interject a cascaded properties file (e.g., ""),
overwriting as necessary to provide the paths based on
the standalone application as well as any settings provided by its
UI-based preferences panel.

A lot of the hooks I use for embedding come from either the cascaded
properties or the EventsManager.

On the two issues you raised:

   1. JSPWiki is running under a normal webapp root provided by Jetty.

   2. I unpack the war file so as to provide easier access during
      development and maintenance, as well as easier backups of
      the pages, attachments, etc.  Since you're writing the other
      half of the application you can avoid naming conflicts, so I'm
      not sure if it's really worth all the trouble of trying to keep
      everything in the war file. In some ways cleaner, but in others
      kinda sounds krufty.

...not sure if that's really any help,


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