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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: import into svn - included jarfiles
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2008 16:24:22 GMT

> But it appears that up to now the practice has been to check binary
> dependencies in to the sjpwiki cvs repository. This makes the repository
> *much much* larger than it would be without them. May I suggest that
> this practice be reconsidered *before* the import into apache svn, ie
> that *only* the source code be imported?

I always figured that disk space is really cheap these days, and that
the JAR files are not updated very often - the entire SVN repository
including *all* the changes *ever* including all JAR updates seems to
amount to a measly 84 megs when compressed (and JARs don't compress,
as usual).

We try to keep external libraries to a minimum anyway.

> In most apache java projects, the practice is to either use maven2
> (which pulls libraries directly from the archives held at
>, or or to use Ant tasks that fetch
> the necessary libraries from exactly the same locations.

You know, one of the things I asked my mentor when the question was
posed whether JSPWiki would consider Apache was "will I be forced to
use Maven, that dismal invention from hell?"  The answer was "no".

Personally, I like it a lot when all I need to do is to say "cvs/svn
update" in my repository and I know I will always get the latest
source and dependencies, and that I don't have to run any new software
in order to download any other stuff.  Especially Maven, the
Horrendous Beast From Abyss With Tentacles For Eyes.  Or even ant,
since that breaks the update-modify-checkin cycle.

(In addition, you will need to import the old jars anyway, or you will
have snapshots of code in there which won't compile, which will make
them kinda useless.)

Frankly, if comes down to the disk space, I'd be happy to donate a
shiny new 500 GB drive to ASF, if it means I don't have to touch

But this is my personal opinion...


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