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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Permitted characters in page names
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2007 07:36:23 GMT
> The actual variable is MarkupParser.PUNCTUATION_CHARS_ALLOWED, but I
> got the point. The only problem is that it's currently unmodifiable,
> as the variable is tagged as final. Would there be any problem in
> removing that final keyword?

I can anticipate a lot of problems, none of them pleasant.  You *can*  
modify it, you just need to compile it yourself, then.

> And while this alters the permitted characters for the parser, I don't
> see that this keeps the PageManager/WikiPageProvider from creating  
> pages
> with other characters in them, nor can I find any enforcement of a set
> of characters for WikiNames. If there's not meant to be any checks, is
> there a chance we can add a stub filter method to the API to at least
> permit subclasses from doing filters on incoming names? Not quite sure
> how best to handle this...

No, that's by design.  I'd like to keep the check in a single place  
only.  PageManager does not, nor should it, care about the allowed  
names - it just stores whatever is shoved at it and manages it the  
best it can.  Any checks on validity should be done at higher level;  
PageManager nor the Providers are agnostic to the format of the data  
they manage.


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