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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: The guy's back...
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2007 10:38:19 GMT
> Another more rigorous approach would be to only allow authenticated  
> users to
> edit and comment (so anonymous or asserted users can no longer
> edit/comment), and expand the user registration process with an email
> confirmation step.

Yes, but that will cut down on contributing users; the threshold of  
participation goes way up.  Which I don't really like.

> But looking at the amount of spam-edits done so far, this might give a
> little bit too much collateral damage.

Well, the current statistics is

grey:~/Projects/JSPWiki> cat /var/log/jspwiki/jspwikispam.log* | grep  
ACCEPTED | wc -l
grey:~/Projects/JSPWiki> cat /var/log/jspwiki/jspwikispam.log* | grep  
REJECTED | wc -l

So the spamfilter seems to be mostly working :-)

> (I also had a quick look at the registered users, and it seems to  
> me that
> there are quite a few with invalid email adressess, I think those  
> should be
> removed, what might also be a good idea is an extra attribute that  
> holds the
> last access date of the user, this allows for removing users that  
> haven't
> been used for a long time).

Yup, I've been cleaning those away every now and then.


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