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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject JSPWiki 2.6.0-rc1
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 23:23:53 GMT
Hi ho folks!

I'm pleased to announce that the final issues marked for JSPWiki  
2.6.0 are fixed, so I took the liberty of creating a Release  
Candidate for 2.6.0.  You can download it from the usual place, or  
get jspwiki_2_6_0_rc1 from the repository.

I also signed it; my shiny new GPG key can be downloaded from my  
personal webpages at

(I'm ditching my old PGP key, as PGP support seems to become more  
scarce day-by-day.)

Please subject this version to cruel and unusual tortures, and report  
any bugs you may find against 2.6.0.

I would like to propose that unless we find any showstoppers, we go  
live with this version, and release it as a stable.  Please test and  
let this list know if you think so, too.  We know that there are  
minor issues, but considering that people find them faster than we  
can fix them, we'll never otherwise release 2.6...  The fact that  
we're not in the Apache infrastructure yet is probably slowing us down.

Running the webtests is probably a very good idea, now :-).

Once 2.6 is declared stable, I propose that we move all the code to  
ASF SVN, and continue 2.7 development work there using the Apache  
process.  Also, the 2.6 trunk should probably stay open in for 2.6.1 bugfixes, if there are any showstoppers or  
security issues that must be corrected.



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