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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Patch procedures
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 03:45:57 GMT
Craig L Russell wrote:
> Hi Murray,
> It's usually documented in the project's "get involved" page, which we 
> don't have yet.
> Take a look at for how to 
> submit a patch.
> Basically, most projects use jira and svn, and there is a standard process:
> 1. File a jira at
> 2. Create a patch by going to the trunk of the repo and doing e.g. svn 
> diff >jspwiki-12.patch
> 3. Upload the patch.
> In our case, there's no svn repo in Apache yet, so the process is 
> different. But that's how it will work when the repo is moved over.

Hi Craig,

Thanks for that. But what do we do in the interim, as I'd like to
potentially put in a couple of patches to the 2.6 branch, as I'll
be finishing up some testing on the events package this week and
potentially may have a bug fix or two.


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